Saturday, December 15, 2007

Art in London

Art in London
By: Patrick Smith

London has always been one of the most well known cities in the world. A culturally rich city, London is visited by millions each year. Currently London has
several fascinating and unique art exhibits on display, one of the most impressive being a collection of Michelangelo drawings at the British Museum.
This exhibit is entitled, “Closer to the Master” and is on display from March 23rd until June 25th.

This spectacular exhibit displays an incredible selection of one the world’s all-time best Renaissance artists. It draws together various pieces from several
other museums, creating an entirely unique collection. It brings together pieces of Michelangelo’s work that have never been seen together before and that
have been separated since the dispersion of Michelangelo’s studio during the mid 1500’s. The exhibit displays pieces in chronological order and emphasizes
connections between various pieces as well as the importance of various drawings.

Several of the drawings included show the meticulous forethought Michelangelo had in making many of his famous pieces, including paintings, sculptures,
and architectures. It is made apparent how he spent hours perfecting every element of a project on paper before he began the actual work itself. Along with
the various drawings several paintings and sculptures are also on exhibit on loan from the National Gallery. Several letters written by Michelangelo himself
are also on loan from the British Library, offering unique insight into Michelangelo’s persona, showing his complex and petulant character. Among all these
drawings are several pieces that stand out more than others as far as their significance. These more notable pieces include; the Study for Adam from the
Sistine Chapel, studies for the figure of Day from the Medici Tombs, Flying Angels from the Last Judgement and his final and slightly disturbing Crucifixions.

The London exhibit is open daily from 10 am until 5:30 pm and runs on a timed-ticket entry. The latest time of entry is 4:40 pm, however it is open late on
Thursdays and Fridays (until 8:30 pm with the latest entry at 7:40). The cost of entry is £10 for adults and £5 to £9 for concessions. Tickets are available
directly at the box office however it is recommended that you book in advance so as to ensure admission alone and also to be able to schedule your
admission time. The British Museum is located on Great Russell Street, WC1 and is most easily accessible from the tube (subway) stations at Tottenham
Court Road or at Russell Square.

This exhibit in London is exceedingly captivating and will provide memories to last a lifetime. This is certainly one of the most unique exhibitions you will
ever have the opportunity to see and its ability to bring together various aspects of Michelangelo’s life is said to be unreal. If you are an aficionado of
Michelangelo’s this exhibit is a must and even for those less knowledgeable in art this exhibit is highly enjoyable. This is a must see for anyone who
is remotely interested in Renaissance art. If you are going to see only one art exhibit in London all year this is definitely the one to see!
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